Innerp aims to give you a peaceful experience of elevation. The apparel brand was carefully designed with the highest quality fabrics and ingenuity to bring luxury and comfort to the masses at a price you could easily afford.

It could take you from waking up in your luxurious InnerP At home outfit, feeling like a million bucks at peace with the world and comfortable in your own beautiful skin. Then out the shower and into your InnerP tracksuit, onto the couch and off to lunch with your friends. Paired with the perfect heel or a fly pair of sneakers, pop on those shades and you’re ready to shine.

Like the name hints, the brand is about good vibes only, chilling and embracing that inner peace.

“When you are at peace, you are not only comfortable but you are also elevated. I want to share that feeling of elevation with everyone,” says Innerp.

With comfort top of mind, the clothes were engineered to accommodate all shapes and sizes - starting from size XS, going all the way up to size XXL in both mens and womenswear.

“That’s why many of Innerp's clothes are oversized because the way they are cut and fit, the choice of fabric shows care for different shapes and sizes. If you’re a size small, you could go for a small or medium depending on the fit you prefer, same goes if you’re a large or extra large. There is something to suit your personal preference.”

With the online store just over a year old, the brand took it a step further and added a physical store to their portfolio as an extension of their customer care.

“Innerp understands there are different types of consumers. While some enjoy shopping online, others believe what they see, some people still want to go into a shop because they trust the physical stuff.”

When it comes to colours - expect BOLD to accompany your CONFIDENCE and nudes or neutrals when you want a more earthy vibe, with welcoming words on the front to invite people in.

Prices start from as low as R199 to R2000 depending on your budget.

In the future Innerp has plans to launch an exclusive plus-size collection among other ideas and to go international.

InnerP can be found at online or pay us a visit the Cape Quarter Lifestyle Shopping Centre, De Waterkant.

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