About us


What or who is INNERP? That must be a question you ask yourself when you hear about it. 

Well I am here to help you get to know us, INNERP is actually a modern urban fashion brand. Our goal is to  influence people to appreciate whatever their fashion style maybe, and to teach them ways you can wear the simplest things like Tees and Hoodies and still have that confidence that makes you unique.

The P is for your PASSION, CONFIDENCE and SELF AWARENESS. INNER means a lot about us.  

We thought of a way to take that pressure off ourselves men, women and kids that want to have that quality but unique look that spoke to their INNERP(assion) to look and feel special, mostly to feel good about themselves.

So that is how INNERP started, it is a premium brand that is all about bringing out your quality and passion to be you. INNERP is all about looking and feeling unique, confident, stylish, comfortable, classy and sexy in a premium/Luxury clothing and apparel is made available and affordable  for ALLBODY.

So bring that INNERP out and shine.